Activewear and Athleisure clothing, for those on the move whether at the gym or in life.


Fun and fashion-forward clothing uniquely, designed to fit every body type from XS to 3X.


On trend, timeless, pieces that are suitable for special occasions or everyday wear.


It’s a small world after all, so why not experience it all! Our design team travels the world and researches tales to spark inspiration; from the far exotic places on our planet to our own backyard. Nature, cultures and communities have a story to tell, and we tell that story, be it through a delicate dress with a perfect silhouette or a pair of leggings that motivate you to move. Inspiration is all around us. Explore our unique curated and created items throughout this website. They are sourced and crafted with care to empower you to style your life your way.


We’re glad you’re here. Women all over come to Savvi to style their lives. From the way they look and how they feel, to the way they serve and empower others, to how they design their day. They do it all with Savvi, and you can too!

We empower the artist in everyone. We believe you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality, the creator of your world…and we provide you with a way to style a life you truly desire. One of beauty, passion, community and impact. So whether you shop our store and experience our style or join our community of Savvipreneurs who are on a mission to bring together and empower people around the globe, we welcome you. Now get your style on!


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