Katie Hamilton is an author, speaker, influencer, television personality, entrepreneur, investors, podcast host, businesswoman, and philanthropist, who brings inspiration and encouragement to both men and women everywhere.  However, her most important role, aside from being a daughter of the King, is being a highly devoted and dynamic single mother to four to incredible daughters.  Katie is consistently steadfast and committed in bringing up her children to be compassionate, loving, sincere, and confident individuals who they know their worth and value.  She instills within them the truth of how fearfully and wonderfully they have been made, for a unique purpose and with pinpoint precision, by their Heavenly Father, the Creator and Author of Life, Himself. In addition to her commitment to motherhood, one of her other most passionate missions in life, is to share the redeeming love of Christ with the world and help others discover the reason for which they too were uniquely created.  She longs to see them reach their highest potential and discover all that God created them to be.  Through sharing her own journey of discovering her identity in Christ, she is able teach others the importance and the process of doing so, that they may also live out their God-given destiny.

Katie is widely known as the ex of former celebrity MVP baseball player Josh Hamilton.  His well-known, longstanding battle with addiction and substance abuse as well as the recent revelation of his hidden struggle with other forms of abuse, has been highly publicized.  As such Katie has dealt those privately and publicly and the issues that come along with being married to an athlete who struggled with addiction.  She fought to keep their family together, but even in their divorce she has taken her most difficult lessons and continues to turn them into something others use to better their own lives.  Her first book titled “Pure Identity” is set to come out later this year and she has many other books and projects already in the works.

She has appeared in national television reality shows including Bravo TV’s: “Real Housewives of Orange County” and Lifetime’s: “Marrying Millions”.  Katie is a natural on air and people are drawn and captivated by her genuine heart and authentic transparency.  Katie has a deep desire to help audiences learn to live a life without regret.  Her inspiring speeches include “The Refiner’s Fire”, in which she reminds us that is often during times of immense difficulty, feeling like we are in the fires of life, and through intense pressure and blazing fire, God is actually refining us. If we truly trust God, knowing His son Jesus is right there in the fire with us, and continue to have faith that His character and heart are good; then we must also trust HIs process.  We can be FULLY assured that this challenging and painful time, will ultimately be for our good.  Although we may not understand why we are experiencing such a difficult circumstance; we will come out on the other side as pure gold reflecting his son Jesus….and that is a reward worth contending for.

Katie has guest speaker all over the country and recently launched a new series of inspiring speeches which topics include: ”Field of Diamonds”, “The Waiting Room”, “Justice or Just us?”, “The Patient Path to Your Promise Land”, “The Refiners Fire”, “How Eagles Soar”, “Love is Tough”, “Boundaries”, “Travel Light; The Baggage of Bitterness”, “Strategies for Victory”, “Brave and Courageous”.

In addition to the speeches above, below are some of her timeless topics include:

Battlefield: The Life of an Overcomer:

  • Identity: How to Discover Your God-Given Purpose
  • Living a Life Without Regret
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Dealing with Disappointments
  • Remaining Hopeful When It Feels Like Hell
  • Divine Destiny
  • Trust and Truths vs. Faith and Fear
  • Resilience Required: More Than a Conqueror
  • Battlefield: Armed for War
  • Worship: The Warriors Weapon
  • Abiding: How Deep Roots Produce Good Fruit
  • The Gardens of God

Katie’s popular podcast, When Life Throws You A Curve & How to Make the Adjustment, is on navigating life’s unexpected challenges; those situations that completely blindside us and hit is out of nowhere. These “change-ups” often leave us frustrated, confused, brokenhearted, and devastated. Katie openly shares her real-life experience on how to love when it is tough and how-to truly experience joy amidst deep pain. She shares on living a life without regret and the freedom that forgiveness brings. She isn’t afraid to take on heavy issues such as dealing with domestic violence, her ex-husbands crack addiction, injustice, deception, betrayal, and adultery as well navigating life after divorce.

Although Katie has been in the public for many years, she has shared very little about her personal life and experiences. There is far more to Katie’s story than what meets the eye.  Although much of her story has yet to be shared, as she begins reveal her personal journey, it is sure to fascinate, inspire, and encourage all those who become familiar with Katie and message she carries. Throughout all the curves-balls, life is thrown her way, she has continued to be committed to learning to make the adjustment. Not only does she want to look back on her life and feel that she reached the personal promise land that God has destined for her, she also wants to know without a doubt she discovered and accomplished the special purposes and plans that God created specifically for her. She also has a deep desire to lead and partner with an army of warriors, that refuse to quit, are committed to making the adjustments necessary to gain winning strategies that will affect true change and have a lasting impact on the world. These are the Warriors fully committed to a victory that is one focused on impacting eternity for the kingdom of God.

By radiating poise, courage, and authenticity, Katie inspires and connects with audiences by encouraging them to overcome heartbreak, disappointment, and persevere through adversity no matter what life‘s challenges throw their way, and find peace and healing through forgiveness. Katies deep desire to help others discover their true identity will also enable them to learn to love which is one of God’s greatest and most important mandates.

Katie is available for media, speaking engagements, and interviews. Upon the release of her book she will be available for additional book related events. Her first book “Pure Identity”, comes out later this year. Please contact her and her PR team to book media or speaking engagements at either the following email addresses: khbusinesses2020@gmail.com or katie@katiehamilton.com.