Meet Katie

Katie Hamilton is an author, speaker, influencer, television personality, investor, podcast host, and philanthropist, who’s inspiring life journey brings hope and encouragement to men and women everywhere. Aside from being a daughter of the King, her most cherished role is a devoted and dynamic single mother to four to lovely daughters. Leading by example, Katie is striving to raise her daughters to be compassionate, loving, sincere, and confident individuals who know their worth and value. She instills within them the significance of how fearfully and wonderfully and how much they are adored and treasured by their perfect Heavenly Father. 

In addition to motherhood,  one of Katie’s greatest missions in life is sharing the redeeming love of Christ with the world and helping others discover their true identity in Him. Through sharing her journey, Katie can teach others the process and importance of learning exactly who God created them to be, which enables others to step into the very purpose for which we were created.

Katie is widely known as the ex of former celebrity MVP baseball player Josh Hamilton. His longstanding battle with addiction, substance, and other forms of abuse, has been highly publicized. As such, Katie has dealt with issues that come with being married to a professional athlete and his battles, both publicly and privately. Spending almost two decades, Katie is all-too-familiar with the aftermath of public relapses, adultery, divorce, and highly sensitive subject matter that significantly impacted both herself and her daughters greatly. She worked diligently to help her husband and keep their family together. Still, through a divorce, Katie has taken her most difficult lessons and continues to turn them into something for others to use to better their own lives. Her first book titled “Pure Identity” is set to come out later this year, and she has many other books and projects already in the works.